Who we are

ENPROTEC is an engineering applications group that turns opportunities into value for clients and communities

ENPROTEC is a Multi-disciplinary Engineering Applications Group that Offers End-to-end Solutions to the Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

We aim to extract ore optimally and derive tangible value for our clients from their operations while eliminating environmental risks.

ENPROTEC is a global partner in the mineral processing industry, offering a diverse range of solutions and technologies meticulously combined to ensure ultimate resource recovery. Our integration of consistent research and development with our market-leading technology has led to numerous industry firsts and groundbreaking achievements. Beyond simply remaining at the cutting edge, we enable clients and communities to turn their opportunities into their value. We recognise the vital role mineral processing plays in growing economies and communities worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, we are dedicated to creating a better, greener tomorrow.

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Our Safety

Putting Safety First is Our Business Imperative

At ENPROTEC, it goes without saying that all projects executed at mineral processing plants should fully comply with all the relevant safety, health, and environment (SHE) laws and regulations to meet our zero-harm policy.

What sets our safety approach apart is that it is not just aimed at “checking the boxes” but inspired by our genuine care to keep our employees and clients safe.

Our dedicated in-house Safety Department manages an ever-evolving safety system that is underpinned by a unique set of ten safety principles and twelve safety values. This safety system has enabled us to achieve SHE results that are applauded in the industry, year on year.


We don’t have Green Initiatives, We are Green by Design

At ENPROTEC, we are truly inspired by businesses in the mineral processing industry as they significantly contribute to the growth and prosperity of countries and people worldwide. Helping these businesses to be better and greener is our major contribution to the world and the very reason for our existence. ENPROTEC’s integrated solutions and technologies enable clients to maintain environmental sustainability. We are truly inspired to be an enabler of this and to work with you to create a better, greener tomorrow.

Our Social Responsibilities

Empowering Communities

ENPROTEC recognises its social responsibilities through comprehensive skills development programs, promoting continuous growth and advancement. We extend our commitment to community upskilling initiatives, empowering local communities with the necessary skills for meaningful employment opportunities. Environmental focus underscores our operations, with sustainable practices integrated into every aspect of our work. We prioritise sustainable employee development, ensuring our workforce has the knowledge and tools to contribute positively to our company and society.


Innovative Battery-grade Materials Recycling

Battery-grade materials processing is essential for the production of high-performance batteries used in various applications, from electric vehicles to consumer electronics. Batteries are made up of various minerals which are of economic value and can be recovered by recycling batteries. Our vision is moving towards a greener mineral processing industry, by recycling batteries we are contributing positively towards this direction and having a positive impact on the environment. Recycling batteries closes the gap between the supply and demand of minerals in high demand.


Enable Better, Greener Mining Processes