Metallurgical Services

Our unique approach blends advanced technologies and proven methodologies, ensuring unparalleled mineral processing, metal recovery and environmental compliance results

Metallurgical Excellence Meets Innovation

Step into the world of ENPROTEC, where metallurgical excellence meets innovation. We redefine industry standards with cutting-edge metallurgical services, prioritising resource optimisation, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability. At the core of ENPROTEC is a dedicated team of skilled metallurgists and engineers committed to delivering customised solutions. Our unique approach blends advanced technologies and proven methodologies, ensuring unparalleled mineral processing, metal recovery, and environmental compliance results. ENPROTEC stands as a beacon of trust, offering client-centric solutions and leveraging our experience to drive success in every metallurgical endeavour. Embark on a journey with us at the forefront of metallurgical services, where innovation and quality converge, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

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Our Consulting services draw on industry knowledge to solve problems that may seem insurmountable when viewed in isolation. Our specialised engineering skills are made available to identify inefficiencies and challenges, working towards fully optimised processing plants that significantly impact the bottom line. ENPROTEC’s unique approach, when coupled with the correct skill set and team composition, tackles the existing problems and creates lasting value.

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Process Design & Audit

Our Process Design solutions involve tailoring mineral extraction methods to ore characteristics and incorporating advanced technologies for efficiency. ENPROTEC makes use of a variety of technology and software for process flowsheet building, plant mass balancing, and simulation running from a conceptual phase up to a design and implementation phase (METSIM, Limn, Simcenter Star-CCM and OpenFOAM, Simio, AnyLogic, Power BI, VBA, Python, MS Visio). Process Audits assess current operations, ensuring compliance, evaluating performance, and identifying areas for improvement. Both are crucial for optimising efficiency, adhering to environmental standards, enhancing safety, and adapting operations for sustained profitability in the dynamic mining industry.

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Laboratory Test Facility

Our Laboratory Test Facilities embody our commitment to precision and efficiency. Our comprehensive sampling process ensures accurate representation, while technical evaluations and reports provide insightful data for informed decision-making. Moreover, our Laboratory Test Facilities excel in conducting rapid and cost-effective laboratory-scale test work. Trust us for meticulous testing, detailed technical evaluations, and prompt, cost-effective solutions that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring the success of your projects through robust analyses and expertise.

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Batch Plant Test Facility

ENPROTEC’s Batch Plant Test Facilities offer clients a hands-on approach. Offering clients a hands-on approach, our facilities ensure rigorous testing and optimisation of batch plant processes. We guarantee accuracy in every aspect, from sampling to detailed technical evaluations. We provide clients with reliable mineralogical data for an informed decision-making process to optimally remove project related risks. Our commitment to efficiency extends to conducting test work promptly and cost-effectively at a batch scale, emphasising our dedication to delivering valuable insights and solutions tailored to your specific project needs.

05/05Metallurgical Services

Pilot Plant Test Facility

ENPROTEC’s Pilot Plant Test Facilities epitomise our commitment to meticulous testing and innovation. We initiate projects with pilot scope definition, establishing on-site pilot plants that operate under real-time and variable conditions. We determine the Best Operating Point (BOP) through precise sampling and analyses to establish your plant operating parameters. Our focus extends to delivering a comprehensive technical report, providing clients with valuable insights for knowledgeable and risk-free decision-making. Trust ENPROTEC for a seamless process—from pilot scope definition to establishing optimal operating conditions—ensuring the success of your project through rigorous testing and expertise.

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