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We specialise in comprehensive mineral beneficiation and dewatering solutions, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge equipment and sustainable practices

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We are a pioneering force in Process Equipment and Technology. With a legacy defined by innovative thinking and a commitment to market-leading solutions, we are at the forefront of driving sustainability in mineral beneficiation and dewatering processes. Our ethos revolves around harnessing advanced technology to deliver turn-key solutions that redefine industry standards. At ENPROTEC, we specialise in comprehensive mineral beneficiation and dewatering solutions, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge equipment and sustainable practices. We pride ourselves on being market leaders, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in mineral processing. Our dedication extends beyond providing state-of-the-art technology; we offer expert equipment support, ensuring your processes’ longevity and optimal performance. With an extensive OEM Spare Holding, we guarantee that your operations will experience minimal disruptions. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of mineral beneficiation or seeking efficient mineral dewatering solutions, ENPROTEC is your trusted partner for innovative, sustainable, and technologically advanced turn-key solutions.

01/06Process Equipment & Technologies

Full Function Filter Press Equipment

ENPROTEC’s Full Function Filter Press Equipment is meticulously engineered for precision in solid-liquid separation. Incorporating advanced technology, our equipment ensures effective dewatering and exceptional particle retention. Its robust construction is designed to withstand high pressures, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance in industrial applications. Equipped with safety-oriented features and boasting low maintenance requirements, ENPROTEC’s Full Function Filter Press Equipment is a technically superior choice for those seeking enhanced filtration capabilities, demonstrating our dedication to optimising industrial processes through cutting-edge technology.

02/06Process Equipment & Technologies

Dual CellTM Flotation Technology

ENPROTEC’s Dual CellTM Flotation Technology is a highly engineered solution for advanced mineral separation. It optimises particle recovery through precise design while minimising energy consumption in industrial processes. The dual-cell configuration enhances flotation kinetics, which is particularly effective in handling complex ore types. With a focus on efficient bubble generation and froth removal, this technology ensures superior selectivity in mineral processing. As a client, you can rely on ENPROTEC’s Dual CellTM Flotation Technology for a technically sound solution that pushes the boundaries of efficiency and performance in flotation processes.

03/06Process Equipment & Technologies

Dual WellTM Thickeners

ENPROTEC’s Dual WellTM Thickener symbolises technical innovation, delivering fundamental values centred on efficient settling and higher throughput. Engineered with precision, our thickener ensures highly efficient solid-liquid separation, optimising mineral processing operations. Our solution maximises particle settling efficiency by leveraging advanced design principles, leading to increased throughput and enhanced performance. Clients can trust ENPROTEC for a cutting-edge Dual WellTM Thickener that offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability in solid-liquid separation applications.

04/06Process Equipment & Technologies

Multi Product Cyclone Range (DDMSTM)

ENPROTEC’s Multi Product Cyclone Range (DDMSTM) embodies technical excellence, offering fundamental values rooted in dense media separation technology. Our range includes a versatile 3-product DMS cyclone plant designed to efficiently separate materials based on density. By generating a dense suspension of heavy media particles, our cyclones achieve a higher accurate cut point, ensuring precise separation and maximising resource recovery. Clients benefit from lower operational expenditure while maintaining superior performance and reliability in mineral processing applications. For innovative solutions that optimise efficiency and reduce costs, contact ENPROTEC today.

05/06Process Equipment & Technologies

Local OEM Spares

ENPROTEC’s Local OEM Spares exemplify our commitment to ongoing customer support, embodying our fundamental values of customer excellence. Our commitment to Genuine Parts ensures the highest quality and compatibility, backed by a guarantee of reliability and performance. With an extensive inventory readily available, clients benefit from quick access to critical components, minimising downtime. Our team’s technical expertise ensures accurate part selection and installation, while competitive pricing offers cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Contact us for Local OEM Spares that deliver unmatched reliability, performance, and value.

06/06Process Equipment & Technologies

Equipment Support

ENPROTEC’s Equipment Support services epitomise technical expertise and reliability, delivering fundamental value through tailored offerings to meet clients’ needs. With years of experience in the field, our team offers comprehensive support covering equipment maintenance, repair, and calibration. Our services are meticulously tailored to ensure optimal performance and longevity of critical machinery and systems. Clients can depend on ENPROTEC for technical excellence, reliability, and precision in every aspect of Equipment Support, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximum utilisation.

Creating Better, Greener Mineral Processing

If you’re committed to establish a better, greener mineral processing plant for tomorrow, we at ENPROTEC can help you start today, through equipment and technology that was purposefully engineered to do exactly that.

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