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ENPROTEC’s Design & Engineering exemplifies technical excellence with our team of 60+ multi-discipline engineers proficient in advanced design software

Turning Vision into Reality with Engineering Excellence

Our Projects and Engineering services represent technical excellence and innovation, offering bespoke custom solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a steadfast commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge technologies, we deliver projects that exceed expectations in efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Our process-driven approach seamlessly merges engineering expertise with project management proficiency to ensure seamless execution from conception to completion. With a focus on technical rigour, quality assurance, and client satisfaction, ENPROTEC is your trusted partner for delivering superior engineering solutions that drive success in every project.

01/04Project & Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies

Our methodical approach to Feasibility Studies integrates understanding client needs, ore characteristics, and product requirements as the foundation for designing mineral processing solutions. We use cutting-edge design and simulation software (METSIM, Limn, Simio, Python) to optimise process flowsheets, technology selection, and operating parameters, considering preliminary OPEX, CAPEX, electricity requirements, and battery limits. Our methodical method includes option and risk analyses, ensuring a well-researched and planned approach. This commitment contributes to bankable and definitive Feasibility Studies, aligning solutions with unique project needs for efficiency and responsible resource management.

02/04Project & Engineering Services

Design & Engineering

ENPROTEC’s Design and Engineering services exemplify technical excellence with a team of 60+ multi-discipline engineers proficient in advanced design software, including Revit, Inventor, Plant 3D, AutoCAD, Advanced Steel, Autodesk Docs, BIM Collaborate Pro, Prokon, Simcenter Star-CCM DEM Modeling, Simcenter Star-CCM CFD Modeling, and Navisworks. Our commitment to precision is rooted in employing rigorous engineering methodologies and optimising mineral processing solutions for cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Technical values of transparency, integrity, and collaboration define our approach, ensuring the delivery of bespoke and efficient solutions that meet the unique demands of every project.

03/04Project & Engineering Services

Project Management

ENPROTEC has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, emphasising technical precision and safety management throughout the project lifecycle. Our team implements established strategies to mitigate project risks while meeting client expectations. We offer a range of contracting solutions, including EPCM, LSTK, BOOT, and BOOM, which can be customised to meet each client’s unique needs efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to purposeful solutions and safety is evident in every aspect of our Project Management approach, which results in successful outcomes and satisfied clients.

04/04Project & Engineering Services

Construction Management

ENPROTEC’s Construction Management upholds technical excellence, focusing on budget, on-time and safe construction. From initial planning to project completion, we meticulously oversee every aspect of construction, maintaining strict control over quality and schedule adherence with a dedicated team of engineers and specialists for each project.

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