Our Safety

For us, putting Safety First is not just a legal requirement but a business imperative.

At ENPROTEC, it goes without saying that all projects we execute at mineral processing plants should be fully compliant with all the relevant safety, health and environment (SHE) laws and regulations, to achieve “zero harm”.

What sets our safety approach apart however, is that it is not just aimed at “checking the boxes”, but it is inspired by our genuine care to keep our people and our clients’ people safe. For this reason, “safety first” is one of our three top business objectives that has become deeply engrained in our corporate culture.

To this end, we have an ever-evolving safety system that is managed by our dedicated inhouse Safety Department and that is underpinned by a completely unique set of ten safety principles and twelve safety values. This safety system has enabled us to achieve the kind of SHE results that are almost unheard of in the industry, year-on-year.

ENPROTEC safety principles

Place people before protocol

We proactively establish a “safety culture” which instils a belief in the importance of safety and leads to the adoption of safe behaviour. We acknowledge that encouraging people to take ownership of their own safety and the safety others is more sustainable than enforcing it.

Build leaders who lead by example

We build leaders who lead our safety approach by example through an ongoing leadership development programme that is run by none other than our Safety Department. Our leaders pay this forward by growing each member of their team into a leader who takes full ownership of safety.

Look for the overlooked

At least twice a year, we carry out full engineering inspections at all the sites we operate on to fully investigate the status of the equipment, systems and processes. We understand that malfunctioning of equipment is a leading cause of incidents and injuries, that is too often underestimated and overlooked.

Proactively plan to succeed

We require all our project managers to do safety planning in advance, to outline the safety activities and measures that will be implemented, all of which are reviewed at HQ. This ensures that our safety initiatives form part of the daily activities on site, and that they are proactive rather than reactive.

Go beyond HIRA

We utilise our own hazard-identification-and-Risk-Assessment (HIRA) process, which goes way beyond the standard compulsory paper exercise. We make sure everyone who works with us receive ongoing training on our HIRA process, with expert third-party assessments of their competency.

No permit-to-work, no work

We don’t allow any person to work on client projects with us, without proof of an ENPROTEC permit-to-work that is informed by the ENPROTEC Safety Method Statement. This includes all the elements of the standard mining permit-to-work, as well as extra safety measures and procedures developed by us.

Take the safest route possible

When we start working on a client’s site, we adopt their safety measures or our safety measures, whichever is strictest. Considering the lives of people are at stake, we choose “safety without compromise”, and we never settle for any shortcuts just to fulfil the minimum requirements.

Keep your house in order

We value the fundamentals of housekeeping as a generally undervalued means of eliminating accidents and incidents. We take pride in the fact that our sites visibly stand out from the others due to the fact that they are impeccably neat and tidy, at all times.

Develop safety resilience

We develop a high resilience safety culture through ongoing safety improvement, training and development. This way we make sure we can seamlessly adapt to a shapeshifting landscape where new circumstances, regulations and technology constantly emerge.

Audit, audit and audit some more

Over and above the compulsory SHE monitoring and evaluation procedures, we regularly conduct audits and analyses at all levels. This serves to ensure we maintain effective, reliable and sound SHE practices, without exception.

The 12 ENPROTEC safety values

Engineering that inspires

Our story

ENPROTEC is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the mineral processing industry that offers a genuine turnkey solution for optimising existing tailings facilities, establishing new flotation and filtration plants, and engineering complete mineral processing plants from the ground up.

01 How we started

We started out by developing completely new mineral processing equipment and technology and partnering with world leaders in manufacturing it. Thus, making flotation and filtration both effective and cost-effective.

02 Results, results, results…

Based on the results that could be seen immediately, some of our clients asked us to also start operating their tailings facilities on their behalf, or to build flotation and filtration plants from scratch. From there, it was only a natural progression for us to start designing, building and operating entire mineral processing plants, from end to end.

03 Original Equipment Manufacturer

Today, ENPROTEC is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the mineral processing industry that offers a genuine turnkey solution for optimising existing tailings facilities, establishing new flotation and filtration plants, and engineering complete mineral processing plants from the ground up. What’s more, is that each of our solutions are fully customised according to each client’s unique requirements. A statement of note, we know, but one we can back.

04 Consistency & Growth

Whilst we have managed to consistently achieve real results for our clients over the years, we at ENPROTEC recently decided to take another step forward to enhance our support to international clients even further. So, we embarked on a new journey to start opening offices across the globe. As such, we opened the doors of our first office in Australia, early in 2023.

05 Reflect on our story

As we reflect on the story of ENPROTEC, we reflect on it with humility and pride, as it is filled with chapters in which we consistently broke new ground and set new industry benchmarks in performance. However, the story of ENPROTEC is not only our story, it is also the story of all our people and the mining giants we have been honoured to work with, to date.

06 We are prepared for the future

These are the people who will remain the lead characters in our story, as we prepare for our future chapters of growth, based on the inspiration to become known around the world for being one of the critical enablers of better, greener mineral processing plants. Read all about the vision and values that form a golden thread through our operational DNA and that continues to drive us to go above and beyond, daily.